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 Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions
Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions
1. Redemption of Gift Voucher is only applicable to the residents of Singapore
2. The Gift Voucher is valid 6 months from the date of purchase. Recipient must register and redeem with HomePal anytime before the validity of 6 months is ended.
3. The voucher CANNOT be combined with any other special offers
4. The voucher is for those who join HomePal for the first time. (ie non existing members).
5. The voucher cannot be redeemed by current HomePal members.
6. The voucher cannot be redeemed for cash and credit
7. The value of the voucher, indicated by the number of months will be charged to the Purchasers credit card at the time of purchase.
8. Purchase of Gift vouchers payment method is primarily by Credit Card. Other payments such as cheque, Direct Debit transfer can be arranged, if necessary. For details contact our Customer service.
9. The voucher with redemption code and other related details will be provided to recipient upon successful payment of gift voucher.
10. Recipient of gift voucher must enter valid credit card information, but will not be billed during the term specified on the gift voucher. However, minimum account setup fee will be charged during the registration.
11. If the recipient cancels the service before the end of the free term, no refunds will be issued.
12. The Recipient must have credit card in order to redeem this gift.
13. Account setup fee is chargeable during the redemption.
14. The voucher is not refundable upon purchased.
15. HomePal will not responsible for any lost or stolen Gift Voucher.
16. The use of Gift Voucher is subject to HomePal Standard Terms and Conditions
17. HomePal reserves the right to change the terms and conditions in its sole discretion, with or without notice to members.
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