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Membership Plans
1. What are the memberships types do HomePal offer?
2. How does the Unlimited Membership works?
3. What is the cost of the unlimited membership plans?
4. What are the criteria to become a member?
5. Tell me what are the benefits to become a registered member with HomePal?
6. How can I cancel my membership?
7. What if I am away for 1 month holiday or work assignment in overseas, can I still remain
    to be member without being charged?
8. How do I suspend my account?
9. What if I want a longer period of suspension?
10. Why do I need to temporary suspend my account, why cant I cancel my account with HomePal?
11. When can I re-activate my suspended account?
12. How does the Casual Membership works?
13. What is the cost of the Casual Plans?
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